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Music, more Fun!

Music, is to enjoy the sound.

These days, the mass consumption of music has progressed, the world has become in the age that new musics are produced one after another and disappear quickly.

But, it does no change of the essence of the music.

Music, is to enjoy the sound.


I have prepared the way.


Hayaemon is the only one MP3 player in the world. And I am creating that for the sole purpose. That is "Music, more Fun!".

Let's downloading the Hayaemon.

Your music, will change today.

Hayaemon's developer
Ryota Yamauchi

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Change log

2013/05/27 Version 2.75 beta 2
Japanese version only updated.
2013/05/20 Version 2.75 beta 1
Added the "Same Artist" menu as "Play" menu.
2013/05/19 Version 2.74 stable
Stable version is released.
2013/05/15 Version 2.73 beta 18
Bug-fix: there was the case that the playlist has not restored when rebooting after application exit.

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