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About Hayaemon
Music, more Fun!

Speed / pitch is changeable in realtime.
For enjoying musics eternally, choose different way from usual.
One of Hayaemon's main function, is can to change song's speed / pitch in realtime. Normally, the song's pitch is changed when changing speed, but if you use Hayaemon, speed / pitch is changeable individually.

Now, what can we do, by changing speed / pitch?
Super easy music dictation.
By changing speed more slowly, you can get each note in music.
Music dictation. By listen to music, get each note in music. When you do that, try using Hayaemon. By high quality speed changing or 31 band graphic equalizer, you can do music dictation easily, unbelievable from the past.
Also when writing the proceedings.
By hearing slowly, you know everything.
When you write the proceedings. When you write documents from sounds. At that time also, Hayaemon is useful. By high quality speed changing and useful key customization, Hayaemon supports your document writing perfectly.
When you want to enjoy Karaoke.
The singing to the music, that's the best relaxing.
When you want to sing in the home. When I want to keep increasing the repertoire before going to karaoke with friends. Please leave to Hayaemon. By high-performance vocal cancel and the lyrics display function, Hayaemon will help you practicing Karaoke.
As a partner of instrument practice.
By AB loop and markers function, you can practice a weak point many times.
When you want to practice the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. Hayaemon is useful to practice all instrument, and dances. By AB loop and markers function that can play any range of music, you can practice repeat many times.
Changing pitch as the play.
That is an innovative music experience.
When you play by changing song pitch. Hayaemon is the best. By changing song pitch, you can change singer from male to female or from female to male. That is very fun.
Listening practice for learning foreign language.
Hearing repeated many times, that is the best way to learn foreign language.
When you want to learn foreign language. Yes, Hayaemon is. By changing the voices speed slowly, or by using AB loop, you can learn foreign language effectively.
As a default music player.
Despite the high performance, ultra-high-speed.
Hayaemon have sufficient capability as the default music player, of course. Hayaemon supports the most popular audio files formats as WAV, CDA, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, AIFF, AIF, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP4, AAC, etc. And have many effect. That have plenty useful functions. Please try once music player Hayaemon to enjoy music more.

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